1.Ultra-Large Water Tank with 25L Capacity

2.Four sets of injector heads to spray huge mist

3.Supply from the Top Settings

4.Built-in Electrolysis Unit

5.2200ml/h Spray Volume Rate



The disinfectant guard around you
— Work intelligently to eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air
five purification modules

1.Autonomous navigation

2.Automatic recharge

3.Two operation mode optional

4.Intelligent obstacle avoidance

5.Broad spectrum elimination



Table of Parameters for Spray Disinfection Robot
Basic information of product Product name Spray Disinfection Robot
Colour White
Materials ABS+Sheet Metal
Rated Voltage 24.5VDC
Rated Power 200W
Product Performance Parameters Product size(mm) 560*560*1472mm
Product Net Weighe 57KG
Water Tank Capacity 25L
Max Spray Volume 2200ML/H
Disinfection Efficiency About 400㎡/min
Maximum Operating Noise ≤60DB
Spray the diameter 4m
Static disinfection area 8μm
Static disinfection area 20-50㎡
Power Supply Battery LFP battery
Battery Capacity 24V/40Ah
Charging time 3-4H(Charging station)
Battery Life 80%after 3000 charging cycle
Max Charging Voltage 29.4V
Endurance(no load) 5-6H
Driving Wheel Dimensions(wheel diameter*width mm) 160*45mm
Material SBR
Power 50W
Max Speed 180r/min
Max Torque 4.7NM
Performance Max Load ≈50KG
Max Speed ≈1.5m/s
Navigation Accuracy ±30mm
Direction  360°Rotation
Safety Protection Emergency Stop Button Emergency Stop
Collision prevention and obstacle avoidance Lidar/RGBD depth camera
Indicator Light Operating Status Indication
Voice broadcast Yes
Remote Control Remote control module for start/Stop
Navigation Navigation SLAM Navigation
Route plannning Auto planning/manually assigned route planning
Navigation Sensor TOF Lidar (20m)
Communication Network 2.4G WIFI
Configuration Port Ethernet RJ45
Environment Ambient temperature 0℃-45℃
Operating environment For indoor use only (no dust/corrosive gas)
Protection level IP20 
Floor COF Rating ≥0.5
Ground requirement Concrete flat ground (NO water/oil/dust)
Ground conditions  Vertical over-obstacle capacity 10mm
Gap-crossing capacity 20mm
Max climbing angle