Product Parameters
Parameters of Unipin UV-C robot
Size Chassis size(mm) 560*560/550*550
Weight Battery included 50KG
Power supply Battery Lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity 24V/40Ah
Charging time ≤2H
Service life 80%after 300 cycles
Maximum charging voltage 29.4V
Endurance time(no load) 3H
Driving wheel Dimension(wheel diameter*wheel width mm) 120*40
Material butadiene styrene rubber
Power 220W
Maximum speed 200r/min
Maximum torque 4.7NM
Performance Maximum load 50KG
Maximum running speed 1.5M/s
Navigation accuracy ±30mm
Direction 360°rotation
Safety protection Emergency stop button Emergency stop
Ultrasonic Located at the front and rear of the casing,6 in total
Indicator light Operation status indication
Voice Announcements Vehicle status broadcast
Human body induction Thermal infrared body sensor(optional)
Remote start stop Configure remote control module for remote start and stop
Navigation Navigation mode SLAM navigation
Path planning Automatic planning/manual route planning
Navigation sensor TOF lidar(20m)
Signal communication Wireless network 2.4G/5G WiFi
Debugging port Ethernet RJ45
Environment Ambient temperature 0℃~45℃
Ambient humidity Relative humidity 5~95%(no frost)
Operating environment Indoor use only(no dust,no corrosive gas)
Protection level IP20
Ground anti slip coefficient ≥0.5
Ground requirements Concrete level ground(no water,no oil,no dust)
Floor conditions Vertical obstacle crossing ability 10mm
Ability to cross gullies 20mm
Maximum climbing angle
Lamp tube Texture of material Pure quartz ultraviolet lamp
Power 55W*4
Radius of radiation range 6m
Service life 12000H
Our Products
UNIPIN UV-C Robot automatically carries on multi-point disinfection to the environment surface and the air, which avoids the personnel infection caused by the disinfection, fully compensates the insufficiency of traditional disinfection. UNIPIN UV-C Robot can complete the disinfection job of 1000 square meters in about 100 minutes, which is more efficient and effective than the previous manual disinfection by labor.
UV-C Robot ID1
Size: height 1320mm*base (560mm*560mm)
UV-C Robot ID2
Size: height 1310mm*base (560mm*560mm)
UV-C Robot ID3
Size: height 1350mm*base (550mm*550mm)