UNIPIN won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award

Recently, the German Red Dot Design Awards in 2022 were officially announced. The only intelligent inspection robot in UNIPIN Technology stood out among many competitive products with excellent design, won the Red Dot Design Award, and won the global intelligence. Wide attention of the industry.

The German Red Dot Design Award was born in 1955. It is the biggest and most influential competition in the world's well-known design competitions.

route plan
UNIPIN intelligent inspection robot is a mobile robot product developed for inspection/patrol scenarios. It has various functions such as automatic walking, path planning, high-definition photography, infrared temperature measurement, voiceprint recording, and timely data transmission.

Through the accurate distribution of sensors such as lidar, ultrasonic radar, camera, and IMU, while realizing automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic trajectory inspection, video recording, face recognition and intelligent video analysis technology can also be used to realize abnormal intrusion, etc. Dangerous situation alarm function, which can replace patrol personnel to perform patrol/security tasks.

Combined with the business system and the intelligent analysis system, it can realize the functions of meter reading, liquid level measurement, infrared temperature measurement, equipment voiceprint analysis, visible light foreign object identification, three temperature difference analysis, intelligent alarm, intercom shouting and other functions.
At the same time, in response to the unmanned operation requirements, functions such as low-power automatic charging/wireless charging, system module self-checking, multi-sensor detection, obstacle avoidance in listed areas, and offline operation have been developed; All of them have certain adaptability, and have the ability to climb slopes and wading, overcome obstacles and cross ditches, etc., and have their own lighting systems to ensure 24-hour all-weather unmanned operation.