Spraying disinfecting robots - the case of the hospital in Foshan City

Recently, the hospital in Foshan once again added a spray disinfection robot to the emergency department. This is the third time that the hospital has used the Tianpin disinfection robot. The previous two times were used in the medical examination department and the fever clinic.


As a large hospital, it has 2,100 beds and 3,000 medical staff. It is well-known in the local area and is an excellent general hospital.
Similar to the previous two cases, the emergency department has a large flow of personnel, and the average daily emergency visits in places where patients gather reach 5,000. From the video, it can be seen that the spray disinfecting robot shuttles through the flow of people and drives according to the set route. At the same time, the robot can be compatible with many different routes.

Hospitals use hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant and use it after mixing it with water. The robot has a built-in ultrasonic device that atomizes the liquid disinfectant into water mist particles only 8 microns in size to form a disinfectant aerosol. The emergency department covering an area of 1,000 square meters is controllable, safe, and man-machine coexistence.

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