About Us
For more than 5 years, UNIPIN’s shareholders have actively been engaged in the Research and Development of associated core parts of robots. In early 2020, to fight the COVID-19, our shareholders launched the robots-disinfection plan and set up UNIPIN Singapore, specializing in R&D, production and sales of disinfection & cleaning robot and healthcare protective products. Main products include UVC disinfection robots, cleaning robots, melt-blown fabrics with 95% filtration efficiencies, disposable 3D respirators, disposable 2D masks, etc.

UNIPIN has a team of professional and experienced technicians and engineers, providing professional & customized robotic solutions for different premises, including airports, hospitals, schools, exhibition halls, museums and government affairs halls. At present, UNIPIN UV-C Robots have been widely used in airports.

UNIPIN’s mission is, to create a clean & safe environment for everyone and everywhere!